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Transform Disparate Engineering Data into Structured Knowledge

Published at March 22, 2021 ·  12 min read

Transform Disparate Engineering Data into Structured Knowledge Ensure your maintenance strategies are well-informed with RDFox Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash As engineering companies move towards Industry 4.0, the question of how to leverage the vast amounts of knowledge that they currently store in non-uniform formats must be addressed. In many organisations, critical information is scattered between excel spreadsheets and relational databases (RDBs), which require skilled IT experts to extract the knowledge....

Description Logics (for Engineers)

Published at February 18, 2021 ·  8 min read

Description Logics Why not First Order Logic (FOL)? FOL, which we explained previously, is a knowledge representation language which can be used to express a variety of ideas. Expressivity is a measure of the modelling power of a knowledge representation language. The expressivity of FOL is a double-edged sword. When trying to determine whether particular statements are true, more expressive knowledge representation languages require greater computational resources. FOL is undecidable, meaning that reasoning programs can't be written that are guaranteed to produce correct results without the possibility that they will never terminate (i....